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Sunroofs can break or simply stop working usually leaving the Sunroof glass partially open. Nobody wants to be seen driving around town with a trash bag duct taped over their Sunroof in the rain. This requires immediate attention. We at East Coast T-Top and Sunroof can Repair your Sunroof with a range of options.  Give us a quick call or email and let us check out your Sunroof as it may just be a simple inexpensive Repair.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality repair at a very reasonable price.  We work on Power Sunroofs that are already on your car or truck.

Please note that, WE DO NOT INSTALL Power Sunroofs.

We have over 40 years of experience in Sunroof Electrical, Mechanical, and Water Leak Repairs.  We service Factory as well as Aftermarket installed Power Sunroofs.
Our expertise allows us to offer our customers options that others may not.  These options can include:

  • Rebuilding their existing Sunroof
  • Replacing with a reconditioned Sunroof 
  • Replacing with all new parts at a lower hourly rate

Sunroof Services

Repair Services


Factory & Aftermarket Services

  We work on Factory and Aftermarket installed Sunroofs from the 1980’s to Present year (You name it and we have probably worked on it).

Parts Replacement Center

 We replace broken Glass, Cables, Guides, Tracks, Motors, Switches, Control Modules and Weatherstrips  

Electrical Troubleshooting

We fix Electrical Problems on Sunroof Switches, Motors, Control Modules... and more.


  We provide Sunroof Recalibration.

Leak Repair

 We solve leak issues that can show up as a Wet Headliner, Wet Carpet or even a Wet Trunk.

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Customer Stories


We Saved Ford Truck Owners Thousands of Dollars

Here is an example of how our Customers benefit by coming to us.   We see many Customers with 2000-2014 Ford F150, F250 and F350 trucks come to our Sunroof Repair Center after receiving quotes of $2200 to $2800 to replace their entire Sunroof assembly because of Sunroof broken guides. 

We offer them a much more affordable option that they never refuse. We explain to them how we can remove their original Sunroof assembly and Rebuild it with all new guides for less than half those quoted prices. Needless to say, with very few exceptions, they happily make an appointment with us. 

These savings are also available on many other Makes and Models.  

Sunroof Preventative Maintenance


Have you notice your Sunroof is moving slower than usual or recently started making a strange noise?

With all that is going on in your busy life, you probably didn’t think about having your Sunroof checked out. Now would be a good time. 

Our preventative maintenance service consists of:

  • Inspection of your Sunroof track and guides for problems. 
  • Cleaning out the built up dirt and grime in the tracks.
  • Re-greasing the tracks and guides. 
  • Water testing Sunroof drainage system. 

This might be all you need in order to avoid an expensive repair down the road.

What do wet carpets have to do with sunroofs?

A wet carpet could indicate a Sunroof leak.  Water has a way of traveling behind a headliner, down interior panels and accumulate on your carpet.

If you see wet carpet, see us ASAP.

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