Sunroof Frequently Asked Questions

If I don't have a Sunroof in my car now, can you install it?

 No, we do not install Sunroofs.  

What is the difference between a Sunroof and a Moonroof ?

Years ago, a Moonroof was a moving glass panel and a Sunroof was a moving metal panel. 

Today, glass is usually the only option.    
That is why you see, different car manufacturers use either name for the same thing.

How do I know if my Sunroof is Factory or Aftermarket installed?

Aftermarket Sunroofs have a frame secured to the roof around the Sunroof opening.  The frame section is usually about a half inch wide and black in color.  It does not move when the Sunroof glass is opened.
A Factory installed Sunroof usually has no frame on the roof.   

Did my Sunroof come off the track?

Well, trains come off the track because they sit on top of the tracks.  

Sunroofs that appear to have come off the track have bigger problems because the cables and guides sit inside the tracks not on top.   No problem, we can help.

What happens if I heard a snap sound when I tried to open (or close) my Sunroof?

You might have a broken guide.  No problem, we can help.

My Sunroof will not close all the way. Can you give me a price over the phone?

Several things can make a Sunroof malfunction. 

Unfortunately, we cannot diagnose a Sunroof over the phone, we need to see it. 

This gives us the opportunity to do a preliminary inspection and ask you what, if anything, happened leading up to the problem. 

This information can speed up the time it takes to find and fix the problem.

My Sunroof is leaking, can you replace the weatherstrip on my Sunroof glass?

The weatherstrip is what most people think of as the problem because that is what they can see.  If there is no obvious damage to the weatherstrip, it is probably not the problem.  We do see Sunroofs with internal leak problems like blocked, damaged or undersized drain tubes.  

Do you work on convertibles?

No, we do not.